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In the vineyards of the estate, surrounded by the terroir of Aquileia, Aquilisfinds the ideal soils for the cultivation of a small production of highly expressive Sauvignon Blanc grapes. With a careful vinification and an appropriate bottle refinement it can combine gracefulness and intensity in the glass, in a wine capable of evolving for a long period of time. The name comes from an ancient Celtic settlement that already knew viticulture, and that in the subsequent centuries, thanks to the love for the wines of the Romans that conquered it, became a center of production of great importance for the whole Empire.



Friuli DOC Aquileia

Production area

Own vineyards in the area of Molin di Ponte


Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting notes

Colour: Bright and intense straw yellow, with gray shades.

Bouquet: Vigorous and rich in shades, which add complexity to the varietalimprint, combining the fruity gracefulness with the strength of vegetation.

Flavour: The sip is fulfilling, elegantly dressed from the first taste to the smoky and haughty end, concentrated towards enjoyable green sensations.