Vineyard expanse

The lush, verdant and relaxing Ca' Bolani estate is located in the heart of the Aquileia DOC appellation: an appeallation that plays a significant role in the wine history of Friuli. Spanning from Grado Lagoon continuing north, towards Aquileia and Cervignano del Friuli, to the historic fortress of Palmanova.


The beautiful Ca'Bolani estate spans 890 hectares, 570 of which are vineyards, making it the largest in Northern Italy. It is a ‘boutique giant’, the land is plenty but not homogenized, showcasing 90 diverse sub-plots, and the diversity of each plot is preserved via individual harvesting and vinification. Each parcel has a distinct quality that is intentionally protected to allow for a meticulous selection process.

In 1970, it was the first winery acquired by the Zonin Family outside the Veneto region. The family decided to start a process to reinvigorate the Estate that was aimed at enhancing local wine culture, bringing generations of winemaking expertise, know-how and savoir-faire handed down from one generation to the next.


The estate is nestled in a park of centuries-old trees, a natural oasis where the customs of centuries of winemaking practice, introduced into the area during the Roman era, coexist with the most advanced techniques of modern production.

Examples include the careful and accurate agronomic reorganization, the introduction of dense vineyard plantings (brought up to 5,500 plants per hectare), the use of bilateral guyot as the main training system. The old cellars have been renovated and restored and a new, more modern, technological and capacious winemaking facility has been built. All these changes have certainly marked the watershed between the old management and the new owners.

Estate Manager

Care for the environment and respect for local winemaking traditions are fundamental values for the Ca’Bolani Estate. We hold ourselves responsible for restoring to the environment the resources it has provided to us since only scrupulous attention to detail at every stage of annual growth cycle of the vine as well as wine production, from vine to bottle, results in high quality wines. We have a responsiability for replenishing the environment with the precious resources it has provided. It is precisely from this perspective that we must understand that a geographical area is an asset that we never really own, but hold it in safe-keeping for future generations.

Roberto Marcolini was born in Gorizia, Friuli, in 1967. After graduating in oenology - his lifelong passion - he immediately embarked upon his career in the world of wine by collaborating with various Friulian wineries. In 2001 he joined Cà Bolani and since then, thanks to his heartfelt passion, his constant commitment and his knowledge of the sector, he has held roles of increasing responsibility that have led him to become Estate Manager.

Thanks to his knowledge and learning on the subject, Roberto is President of the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Doc Friuli Aquileia, Advisor to the Consorzio Doc Friuli, Advisor to the Unione Dei Consorzi Vini doc del Friuli Venezia Giulia and Vice-president of EViQ - Ente Valorizzazione Vini di Qualità.


Ca' Bolani è aperta ai visitatori ed agli enogastronomi tutto l'anno: venite a scoprire quale vino è il vostro preferito!

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