“Sauvignon Blanc is certainly one of the wines that attracts me the most, as it is one of the vines that best represents both our winery and our winegrowing district. Our Sauvignon, in particular, stems from an in-depth research project that lasted several years. Sauvignon has always been present in the company but in 2009 we started to collaborate with the late Prof. Dubourdieu on the development of a working protocol in the vineyard and in the winery. The aim was to achieve the maximum potential of the vine and the winegrowing district, a process that culminated with the creation of our Sauvignon cru, Aquilis. I am particularly fond of this wine precisely because it is the outcome of a joint project which I and all the agronomists and oenologists at Ca’ Bolani worked on with passion and dedication for many years. As part of this project, we discovered that we had a particular clone of Sauvignon on the Estate. It was discovered in an old vineyard via what is called massal selection in agronomic jargon. We worked on these old vines with a local nursery to reproduce and multiply them. Today we can proudly say that our new Sauvignon vineyards are the ‘offspring’ of those old vines, whose grapes confer truly unique aromas and nuances on our Sauvignon Blanc. Our Sauvignon is literally the result of the combination of local tradition, our winegrowing district, and the competence and tenacious work of man and for this reason I feel that it represents us in a truly unique and extraordinary way.”

Director of the Estate


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